Bookkeeping in Florida

Our Bookkeeping services in Florida encompass everything from the meticulous organization of your Chart of Accounts for enhanced reporting efficiency to rigorous Bank Reconciliation processes that ensure the accuracy of your financial records and help detect discrepancies early.

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Bookkeeping in Florida

Streamline Your Finances with Professional Bookkeeping

At My Accounting Now, we understand that accurate and efficient bookkeeping is the backbone of every successful business. Our team ensures that your books will always be meticulous and up-to-date. What can we do for you?

  • Chart of Accounts Organization

    Chart of Accounts Organization

    We will help you create a chart of accounts and the subcategories that will fit your business. After organizing your chart of accounts, you will be able to have a clearer insight into your company’s financial health. You will know where your money is going and where improvements are needed to achieve your goals faster.

  • Bank Reconciliation

    Bank Reconciliation

    A summary of banking and business activity, reconciling your bank account with its financial records. Bank reconciliation statements will confirm that payments have been processed, and cash collections have been deposited into your bank account.

  • Accounts Receivables

    Accounts Receivables

    We will process your information and generate a report with details on how your customers are paying. It will help your businesses from running out of working capital at any point in time and maintain a healthy cashflow.

  • Accounts Payables

    Accounts Payables

    Based on information given, we will provide you with monthly reports, so you can complete payments to your suppliers or vendors, controlling your expenses in a timely manner. We will record the payments, verifying and reconciling invoices.

  • Payroll Services

    Payroll Services

    Outsourcing payroll is a time saver for the company. Depending on how you pay your employees (weekly or biweekly) we will assist in having better control of payroll expenses and will overlook that proper methods are being used to avoid legal problems.

  • Sales Tax

    Sales Tax

    Depending on your business structure and type of business, you may be required to pay sales taxes. We will assist in filling the required forms and making payments on time to avoid fees and penalties. We also include payroll taxes if needed.

  • Invoicing


    We will record the services provided to generate invoices as well as help you track your accounts receivable with monthly reports.

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