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Am I managing my company’s budget correctly?

Building a company is not an easy task, as a small business owner (SME) being at the head of all departments is hard work, and while “trial and error” is a way to learn, it is better to have the support of experts who can guide you in this process. Establishing and managing your budget goes beyond filling a spreadsheet with financial information, you must have leadership, vision, and a clear strategy.

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Tips for planning your Company Finances 

Nowadays, it is very important to know how to manage finances in business, it is usually a bit confusing when applying these guidelines to the company, mainly because when we start, we do not know general accounting and planning business finances presents a challenge. Here we give you some tips that will undoubtedly help the planning and execution of a healthy financial plan.

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How often should a financial report be received?

To talk about this topic, let’s start by defining what a financial report is, and the importance it has when making decisions within a company. A financial report is a document that contains data such as cash flow, profit and loss, assets and liabilities, investments, capital, and reserves. The report is constructed by gathering documentation which is recorded for a certain period. In the financial field, there are several types of reports, from an overview of the financial status of the company, to a report to know the status and nature of a specific accounting movement. For example, the BALANCE SHEET will allow you to know the economic situation of your company on a specific date, while the PROFIT & LOSS will let you know in detail the origin of your income and the expenses incurred in a period. Additionally, the CASH FLOW will help you to know the payment capacity that the company has, making it easier for you to evaluate its performance.

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Making a productive 2022: Advice from one of our clients & CEO of Impact Glass Services.

We know that our businesses need a guide during its beginnings and be able to feed from their ideas or experiences so we can implement and adapt them to make them successful in our work environment. For this reason, we want to let you know a little about our interviewee today Mr. Juan Carlos Llinás who is an entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in the glass industry. His expertise focuses on the sale, handling, installation, repair and maintenance of impact-resistant glass and glazing products. Among other business qualities, the company’s commitment to each client to provide them with the best service and the best experience in the market can be highlighted. Their resilience while facing adversity has shown the tenacity not only of this company but of those who lead it. 

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