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Tips to have an organized accounting during 2022

Una auditoria es algo que toda empresa puede experimentar en algún momento; ante la expectativa de una auditoria es normal preocuparse al no saber cómo funciona y que esperar exactamente. Una vez superada la primera, la próxima será menos complicada. La auditoría contable consiste en evaluar las cuentas de una compañía en un periodo de tiempo establecido, y el objetivo de este, es autenticar la fiabilidad de la información contable y financiera de tu empresa.

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Am I ready for an audit?

An audit is something that every company can experience at some point; while expecting an audit it is normal to worry about not knowing how it works and what to expect. If already experienced, the next one will be less complicated. The accounting audit consists of evaluating the accounts of a company in a set period of time, and the objective of this is to authenticate the reliability of the accounting and financial information of your company.

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Benefits of outsourcing your accounting

Undoubtedly, the pandemic forced all economic sectors to modify their strategies to optimize the limited resources available. This boosted the growth of the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) sector, an industry in charge of providing specialized external services. Of the services that are outsourced, accounting is one of the most sought-after activities, but for what reason? Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing your accounting.

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Should I have an accountant always present in my company?

Without a doubt we all know that the work of the accountant is key in the growth of any company, whether it is an inhouse accountant or outsourced, it is essential to have a trained professional who directs and supervises the processes in the accounting area. Nowadays there are several options you have as an entrepreneur for the management of the accounting of your company, and thus ensure that this process fits your needs.

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When to outsource your bookkeeping?

Is it time to outsource my accounting? Am I keeping my books correctly, or do I need professional advice? Do I have the knowledge and time to manage my accounting processes?  These are some questions you may ask yourself as an entrepreneur when the expected financial results cannot be obtained. When it is time to contact a professional to take care of your company’s accounting?

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Why to keep your Bookkeeping up to date?

Accounting in business plays a vital role, it includes everything from a small account to the most complex processes of a company and is key for any aspect of its strategic growth. Understanding and distinctly see the accounting status of your business, will allow you to make strategic decisions resulting in the strengthening and economic growth of your capital. Accounting is the base that allows any company to have control of its expenses and income, to learn the origin of the expenses, where the income should be directed and how to manage the company’s money. 

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